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Recent Recipes

Today we will be making: Almost Like Grammie's Cucumber Salad

Today's post comes as a bit of a cautionary tale--when I was a little girl, my grammie often made a certain cucumber salad that everyone loved--well, everyone except me. I didn't and still don't really like cucumbers and never made an effort to have her write down her recipe, unlike other ones that I loved, like this Farina Pudding! Ironically though, I married a cucumber lover who, for the past few years, has been cultivating bumper crops of the little green guys (they're pretty much the only things that will grow in the tiny patch on the side of our house!) Unfortunately my grammie has since passed and taken her cucumber salad magic with her. I've tried several times to recreate it but all my attempts have all fallen short---until now. When I stumbled across this recipe, grabbed a few of the cukes that are currently lining the bottom shelf of our fridge and threw together this salad in under 10 minutes, little did I know that I'd be recapturing a piece of my family's history. One bite and my husband got that "cucumber salad glow" and declared this "almost as good as Grammie's!" So let this be a lesson to you--don't procrastinate--sit down asap with your grandparents or older relatives and write down those special family recipes so they're never lost. Grammie, we miss you so!! 

Today we will be making: The Best Banana Bread

I don't have many "the best" recipes on this site, because really who am I to claim that one recipe is the best over all other ones in the world that currently exist or are waiting to be dreamed up? What I really mean is that that this is the best banana bread I have ever tasted, but that does not come as trippingly off the tongue for a title, so please forgive any supposed know-it-all-ness or dig to your personal favorite. I'm sure yours is amazing too and I would love to have your favorite banana bread recipe (or any others for that matter--please send). But if you are looking for an incredibly moist, full flavored, chewy-crusted, chock full of walnuts version, I've got the best banana bread recipe for you (well--not the best, but you know what I mean.)

Today we will be making: One-Pan Chicken with Broccolini and Peanut Sauce

Hiya everyone!! Sorry to be AWOL the last few days, but there was much hockey and traveling to do and little time to cook and even less time to write about it. Frankly, we're all exhausted especially my AD (that's athletic daughter, which is our current and latest term of endearment for her) but I'm back and with a light-on-effort but big on taste one-pan chicken recipe that'll make figuring out dinner for the start of the week easy-peasy and delicious!

Today we will be making: Summer Berry Lemon Trifle

This gorgeous concoction comes directly to you courtesy of my middle guy who has been begging me to make this again since I first did a couple of years ago! Rotten mother, right?! Especially because despite the many layers you see here, none of them are hard to do-- they just take a bit of advance planning. So when he came home from school this summer, I resolved that come hell or high water, the boy would get his trifle. After all, this is no trifling matter, c'mon, you knew I had to go there!!!